St James Church Tour

Welcome to St James!

St James: outside view

Welcome to the parish church of St James, Norton.

Norton was once a large parish, taking in Norton Lees, Woodseats, Greenhill and Hemsworth: everything northwards up to the Sheaf and the Meers brook. The village centre was never very populous, for it was along the rivers on the edges of the parish that water-powered iron industries developed, particularly the manufacture of large blades (scythes, sickles, etc) and nails. Dairy farming was also important until very recently.

The first documented evidence for a church on the site occurs in the year 1180, while most of the building you see now is was done in stages between around 1200 and 1500.

Here we present our guided tour of the church. You are welcome to take photographs but please respect the privacy of anyone who has come to pray or to enjoy the peace of the church.

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